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Available for rental

Arri Alexa Mini

RED Gemini

RED Epic-W

RED Komodo

Zeiss CP2 25mm T2.9, 35mm,50mm,85mm T2.1 EF 

Canon 16-35mm LII EF

Canon 24-70mm L EF


Wooden Camera UMB-1 3-stage 4x5.6 kit - clip-on & 15mm LW    

Arri MMB-2 2-stage 4x5.6 kit - 114mm clip-on & 15mm LW      


Schneider 4x5.65" RHOdium ND .3                

Schneider 4x5.65" RHOdium ND .6                 

Schneider 4x5.65" RHOdium ND .9                

Schneider 4x5.65" RHOdium ND 1.2              

Schneider 4x5.65" TruePol Circular Polarizer         

Schneider 4x5.65" Hollywood Black Magic 1/8        

Schneider 4x5.65" Hollywood Black Magic 1                

Tiffen 4x5.6" Glimmer Glass 1/4

Lindsey Optics Brilliant2 Rota-Pol        

Camera support:

Cartoni Focus HD tripod kit / 100mm bowl             

O'connor 1030D tripod kit / 100mm bowl               

EasyRig Vario 5 with Serene Arm / Easy Tilt              

Dana Doilly package        


DJI Ronin 2 Pro Package                       



Atomos Shinobi SDI 5"`                       

SmallHD 702 Bright                           

SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright no AKS                  

SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright Monitor Kit - Gold Mount             

SmallHD 1703 PX3 Monitor Kit - Gold Mount               



Monitor support:

Wooden Camera Directors Cage V02 Gold Mount           


Wireless Video:

Teradek Bolt 500 XT (tx/rx)                      

Teradek Bolt Sidekick II                    

Teradek 4K LT (tx/rx)                           

Wireless Follow Focus:

TeradekRT CTRL .3 / MDR.X / 2 motors              

Tilta Nucleus-M full package / 2 motors               

Camera Carts:

Filmtools 24” x 36” Converted Junior Cart single top tray         

Inovativ Voyager 36 camera cart with accesories            


CoreSWX HyperCore98 Gold Mount                

CoreSWX Neo 150 Gold Mount    

AntonBauer Titon 90 Gold Mount                  

AntonBauer 150XT Gold Mount                    

CoreSWX dual Gold Mount charger  

Anton Bauer  LP2 dualGold Mount charger     

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